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What does "Success" look like?

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than a genuine, connected conversation or discussion with another person.

You know what I mean - real engagements on subjects that matter, not superficial small-talk or playing a part behind a mask. There you each are, engaged in the moment, each taking take turns to share, listen and consider the subjects at-hand.

I had a good friend visit, and we took the opportunity for a "walk and talk" around #MountPanorama. Here we were, two middle-aged guys walking along having a chat; our political system, economy, society, our families - the lot.

This friend is objectively a spectacular achiever - multiple degrees, top of his game, in a high-status profession, married to an equally adept partner, with two kids.

He's in that set of people that "set the bar", but he's even more exceptional, because he's brave enough to ask the question that his body and emotions are prompting him:

"Every time I have to step-up for work, I'm forced to drop my exercise, good eating, my rest and my health, and any time for my family or myself. Do I want to keep living this way?"

So, super-successful in the outside world, but frankly dissatisfied in his inner world - and brave enough to start taking fresh perspectives on what kind of life he really wants.

How long is it since you had one of these honest conversations, with yourself or someone else? What's success look like to you?

Take Care of yourself,


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