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Busyness with Purpose

How busy are you?

"Bad busy" or "Good busy?" Maybe you're bored or even calm?

Are you running from one meeting to another, flitting between tasks, and juggling deadlines - day after day?

  • Or doing the hard slog, pressing out widgets, digging holes or grinding out big, pointless projects?

  • Perhaps you're just watching and "playing-down" the clock, getting just enough done to avoid being noticed?

  • Maybe you're busy, but kicking goals and getting "real" things done?

Are you satisfied at the end of the day; feeling you've advanced towards your own objectives, or are you left feeling exhausted, like you've given everything - or had your energy drained - in pursuit of someone else's agenda? Perhaps you reach the end of each day feeling totally bored and indifferent?

Do you want - do you deserve - to live a purposeful, wholehearted life?

Or is it preferable to live a pointless - or even miserable - existence?

The key difference between these states is having a personal sense of purpose - being emotionally invested in what you do, and what needs to be done. Too many of us are living and working devoid of purpose, treating everything as a means to an end - to get through another day (both at home and work), to get paid another month or fortnight.

We all need to cover our costs of living, but we still have choices in the way we live our lives. Take the time to consider what you value, what you want to be doing.

Ask yourself: "Do I want - do I deserve - to live a purposeful, wholehearted life? Or do I prefer to live a pointless - or even miserable - existence?"

Can you change your perspective, to re-conceive your current activities as pursuant and aligned to the things you care about?

If this isn't possible - if what you consistently or habitually do can't be reconciled with who you really are, or what you really want - what can you resolve to do; what first steps can you take, to start changing course towards where you want to go?


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